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Choose from a variety of ethnic and independent stores to order from

Select from a wide range of ethnic stores including Chinese, international ethnic stores, Halal, Pakistani and more.


Track and receive your order in as little as 2 hours

Your order can be delivered in as little as two hours thanks to our quick delivery service.

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Support your local ethnic and independent store to go digital and remain relevant

Shop online to support your local stores who are losing footfall on a daily basis due to lack of technical skills.


How to shop on Ethco

Download the app

Download the ethco app and enter your postal code information

Search for stores

Search for the stores you wish to purchase your products from

Select products

Select products from the store you want to make purchase

Get grocery delivered

Checkout, make payment and get grocery delivered

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply enter your postcode and a list of all the ethnic and general convenience stores that are available for you to shop from will appear.

If you are unable to find you the store you love, simply fill our store recommendation form, and we will put it on our priority waiting list to enlist your favourite store.

Ethco aims to connect all our ethnic stores to their customers as soon as possible. If you are unable to find you the store you love, simply fill our store recommendation form (insert link), and we will put it on our priority waiting list to enlist your favourite store.

Our delivery fees cost between £1.99-£3.5, depending on your distance to the store.

We always aim to complete all customer orders as we know how important your ethnic groceries are to you. In events that we are unable to do that, a member of the team will be in touch with you to let you know before hand and try to find alternatives for you from a similar store, at no extra cost.

You can get your order 2 hours from the time of placing it. Simply choose the 2 hour timeslot that you prefer on the app.

Ethco tries to ensure that all ethnic products delivered from ethnic or independent convenience stores are of the highest quality. In the event where this is not the case, Ethco will exchange and deliver a better quality product or refund where the customer prefers that.

We are always sad to see our customers go. Simply fill our contact form (link to contact us) and we will be able to delete your account.

Start your Journey to running a simple and automated convenience store

Signup and register

Register your store on our store portal to get started

Get assessed by experts

Get assessed by our expert team on what you want to add to your store

Upload product on portal

Direct integration to Epos, Direct upload with help of AI, or Bulk CSV upload)

Start selling to customers

Checkout, make payment and get grocery delivered

What ethco offers for your store

Ethco manages stores from worldwide ethnicities

  • Polish Stores
  • Chinese grocery Stores
  • Indian stores
  • African stores
  • Caribbean shops
  • Pakistani stores
  • Halal shops
  • International ethnic stores
  • Bulk cooked food
  • Independent convenience stores

Ethco gives you a fully automated store

  • No need to snap products or upload pictures.
  • Spend less time managing the store
  • Get delivery from your supplier
  • Compare prices from different suppliers

Features to help you manage and run your store

Epos integration

Integrate ethco directly to your EPOS (or fully setup new EPOS)

Product publishing

Publish products from your EPOS to ethco marketplace in 1 click

Suppliers integration

Integrate directly to multiple suppliers

Automate re-ordering

Automated reordering from suppliers

Price automation

Automated price comparison from suppliers

Same day delivery

Same day delivery/fulfilment from your supplier

Connect stores

Connect ethnic and independent stores to customers

Deliver orders

Deliver orders from ethnic stores to customers

Go ahead, register and see why stores love ethco

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up as a store on Ethco is free for the first 6 months and when our stores can decide to upgrade to one of our plans here (insert link)

The cost of EPOS varies with each company, Ethco will present you with the cheapest option, It might even be for FREE!

No, you do not need to have an EPOS to be on Ethco. Ethco works with a range of EPOS Partners, our team will analyse your business needs and deploy an EPOS that we are already integrated to.

Ethco handles the end to end process including providing you with the appropriate packaging, integrating to your EPOS and delivering orders to customers.

Ethco in partnership with the EPOS companies will do a complete hand holding process with you to show you how to use your EPOS efficiently.

Ethco is working to integrate with your major suppliers to enable you send orders directly to them from your Till system. This will help you to save time from manual stock taking, comparing supplier prices and going to cash and carries or suppliers to replenish supplies every time.

No, You do not need to take photoshoot of products or upload them. This will be part of your onboarding, all you have to do is publish the products from your EPOS (Till system).

Ethco can deliver goods directly from your supplier within town. We will be able to receive your reorder list directly and fulfil orders from your supplier.

Ethco is working with a range of internet providers that will provide you with a low cost dongle for your EPOS internet connection.